67 Beautiful Fishtail Braids Hairstyles You Must See

Fishtail braids are one of the most beautiful and versatile braided hairstyles out there. And on top of that, they are a pretty easy to master hairstyle.
They can be worn anywhere from college, work or even something as grand as wedding. Fishtail braids can also be blended in together with most other hairstyles. They can be worn messy or classy and isnt that just fabulous.
Below are some fishtail hairstyles to help inspire you to new ideas.
1.  Updo mohawk fishtail braids

2. Messy fishtail hairstyle

3. Unique and beautiful fishtail hairstyle braided right up to the top

4. Back view of complete fishtail braids

5. Zig zag fishtail braids hairstyle

6. A cornrow transformed into a fishtail braid

7. Simple fishtail braid for blonde hair

8. A easy method to braid your hair to a fishtail

9. Side braided fishtail

10. Another unique side braided hairstyle. Such an interesting pattern to get heads turning

11. Dirty blonde side braided fishtail

12. Long braided zig zag fishtail

13. Fishbone braid style for messy hair

14. Fishtail pony hair

15. A different way to fishtail braid hairstyle

16. Simple fishtail hair

17. A thicker fishtail braid

18. Fishtail up pony hairstyle

19. Young girl sporting a cute fishtail braid

20. Fishtail braids look just as good for dark black hair as they look for blond hair shades

23. Awesome fishtail braid bun

24. Short fishtail braid

25. Double converging fishtail braid makes for a great look

26. Often a go to choice for models on the ramo

27. Half up half down fishtail braid

28. Young girl with side fishtail braid

29. A beautiful and unique style with smaller fishtail braids braided into a bigger fishtail braid. Simply awesome


30. Fishtail braid for thick long hair

31. Simple fishtail braid ponytail

32. Side dutch fishtail braid

33. Double braid fishtail updo for gray hair. Magnificent!

34. Messy fishtail pigtails

35. Fishtail hair with flowers. A perfect look for festivals 

36. Fishtail hair braided into a rose bun

37. Long thick dutch fishtail braid

38. Gorgeous fishtail braid hairstyle

39. One sided fishtail braid for a glamour look

40. Double fishtail ponytails 

41. Fishtail updo bun

42. Colored fishtail hair

43. Side dutch fishtail braid

44. Thick fishtail braid for brown hair

45. Fishtail braid with tiara

46. Tight fishtail braid hairstyle. A perfect look for young girls

47. Black braid with reddish brown highlights

48. Simple fishbone hairstyle


49. Thick fishtail hair for brown hair

50. Its not difficult at all to learn how to fishtail braid. Its an impressive skill once you learn it

51. Multiple colored fishtail braids

52. Glamorous fishtail hairstyle with messy back

53. Very thick fishtail hair for colored highlights

54. Just layers of fishtail hair looking fabulous

55. Celebrity half up half down fishtail hair


56. Fishtail hair for dark brown hair

57. Fishtail hair for light brown hair

58. Just so versatile

59. Beautiful white girl with fishtail hair

60. You can always camouflage your fishtail hair for that surprise look

61. Thick fishtail pony

62. Ombre and dirty blonde hair create a beautiful pattern in the braid

63. Completely side braided fishtail hair

64. A jaw dropping unique fishtail braid style I bet you never saw before

65. Easy method to braid your hair into a fishtail

66. A simple and go to hairstyle for lot of teen girls

67. Cute fishtail with a bow for young girl

I don’t know about you but I thoroughly enjoyed all the styles. I hope you did too. Have fun with your new found inspiration
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