39 Dreadlock hairstyles for men

Dreadlocks also known as locs or dreads are a signature hairstyle of the black culture. They are formed by matting or braiding hair and have been in existence for hundreds of years.

In today’s day and age, dreadlocks are a very individualistic and unique choice and play a strong role in conveying your personality. They are a lot of different options you have in choosing the length and thickness of your dreadlocks. You can go for short, long or medium length dreads and choose various thicknesses too.

Dreadlocks have never been restricted just to women. Men have been wearing dreadlocks since time immemorial, not only in Africa, but also as far as countries in India. So feel confident in growing your hair out and getting some brotherlocks.

Below are some different dreadlock hairstyles to help inspire you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right style for you.

1. Medium length dreadlocks for men

2. Surfer style dreadlocks for white guys 

3. Beautiful thin and long dreads for dark skin

4. Unique dreadlocks braid pattern 

5. Hot dreadlocks 

6. Colored dreadlocks

7. Colored dreads woven together in a beautiful pattern

8. Celebrities have often worn dreads like in this case. Short dreads.

9. Man wearing a dreadlock updo bun/top knot

10. Beautiful curly dreads

11. White skater with dreads 

12. Some nice crispy long dreads

13. Some nice long uniform dreadlocks 

14. Beautiful dreadlock bun hair 

15, A white men with envy-inspiring long braids

16. Medium length dreads with an undercut 

17. Simple long dreadlocks for black men

18. Mohawk style dreadlocks with an undercut for a funky look

19. Beautiful medium length dreadlocks 

20. Shoulder length dreadlocks for Jamaican man

21. Dreadlocks with a tough gangster type look 

22. Short twisted dreads 

23. Half up half down dreadlock hairstyle 

24. Thick dreads for white guy


25. Short braids weaved to fall sideways 

26. Classic long dreadlocks for white guys 

27. Blonde dreadlock highlights

28. Short up hairstyle for dread hair 

29. Jamie Foxx with a similar up dread hairstyle for one of his movies

30. Long flowy curly beach dreads hairstyle

31. Long braids for ginger blonde white hair 

32. Beautiful brown dreads

33. Messy dreadlock hairstyle for white guy

34. Interesting dreadlock into updo bun

35. Jason Mamoa sporting some thick dreads in his early years

36. Thinner dreads for black guy

37.  Long thick dreads for Caucasian men

38. Beautiful long dreadlock hairstyle for black guy. Jealous!

29. Dreadlocks with short sides

30. Clean long dreadlock hairstyle

31. Crispy thin dreadlock style for dark hair



 32. Long thin dreadlocks for black men

33. Very Short dreads

34. Hippie dreadlock hairstyle for white guy

35. Stylish short hairstyle with dreadlocks


36. Long thin dreadlocks with wavy texture 



37. Thick woven dread ropes 

38. Thick dreads tied together 


 39. Hippie-traveller-cum-musician dreads look for white guy

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