74 Short Choppy Bob Haircuts for Women

Bobs are one of the most chosen hairstyles by women, young and old alike. Bob hair needs no explanation. Adding a dash of sharpness and style with the blunt edges, choppy bobs are the modern fashion equivalent of what pin up curls used to be in the 50s. Let us take a look below are some of the common styles of choppy bob haircuts. But before that let us understand what the style is all about.

What is a Choppy Bob?

A choppy bob is a modern bob hairstyle with a ton of layers and blunt ends. These layers add a ton of texture to the hair and the blunt ends add a factor of sharpness. Choppy bobs are one type of  bob hairstyles out of many. Choppy bobs provide the coolness factor of bangs hairstyle and the texture of layered haircuts.

Choppy bobs are extremely versatile and can be suited for a variety of different lengths, colors, and styles. Irrespective of your hair color, ethnicity or age, you can confidently rock one well.
Below we will have a look at few beautiful choppy bob hairstyles with all the variations. We feel a lot of women restrict themselves to the regular old bob cut and today we’ve taken it upon ourselves to show you a ton of creative style you can try out on your next salon trip
Choppy bobs bring out the personality in blonde hair that otherwise looks dull

Choppy bob with smooth and soft textured hair

Middle parted choppy bob

Jaw-length choppy bob cut

Choppy bob with one sided long bangs

Shoulder length choppy bob hair for brown highlights

A great look for older mature women too. 

Side parted medium choppy bob

Choppy bob with blunt ends

Beautiful choppy bob 

Blunt back choppy bob

Another angled blunt back bob

Bangs and choppy bobs are just made to go together

A variety of ways for you to style your bobs

Choppy bob with bangs for light brown hair

Classic choppy bob hair


Black women can carry off choppy bobs well too. Here’s a shoulder length choppy bob black hairstyle 

Side parted choppy hair

Works too well for blond hair

And equally well for black hair too. A very cute look for young girls

A more sharper cut of choppy bob

Elegant red carpet ready bob hair

Stylish and glamorous bob hairstyle


Cameron Diaz sporting a choppy bob herself

Cute choppy bob for redhead 

Shoulder length hairstyle for those you wish to look different

Jaw length choppy bob

Works as well for straight hair as it does for wavy hair

Choppy gray hair

A go to hairstyle for celebrities with short hair


This hairstyle also goes well with big neck pieces and both compliment each other so well

A more messy casual look


Choppy bob with darker roots

Extremely beautiful and stylish

Katy Perry sporting colored choppy bob

Makes for a good edgy emo look as well

Sharp choppy bob

Medium length shoulder length bob

Choppy bob ombre

Fun and interesting 

For a messy vintage look

Choppy bob for colored hair

Jaw length choppy bob

Very short choppy bob with blunt ends

Blunt back choppy bob hairstyle

Elegant choppy bob hair

Modelesque colored blunt bob bangs

Beautiful bob for black hair

Messy over powering bob look

Blunt sides bob

Cute hipster bob look

 Very short and stylish choppy bobs


Choppy bob ombre


Choppy bob for blonde hair 

Simple choppy bob hair

Smooth and silky choppy side hair



Messy short bob hair

Long choppy bob for girl with surfers tan

Simple side bob 

A glamorous look you can wear to nightclubs

Simple choppy bob hairstyle for blonde hair 

We hope you enjoyed the list and picked up some new inspiration to style your bob hairstyles into.