31 Interesting Blonde hair ideas for Asian Women

Asian women coloring their hair blonde is nothing new. But its a rising trend over the years.

When you get the right hair shade of blonde to compliment your skin, it can look really good. Both light and darker shades of blonde can be worn for Asian skin tones.

If you’re confused as to what shade you should get for your hair as an Asian, below is some inspiration for you to choose from.

1. Dirty Blonde hair can look really good on light fair Asian skin tones

Dirty blonde is a fantastic ‘starter’ shade for a lot of Asian women and a safe play because it compliments their skin color well.

2. Beautiful blonde hair worn by Asian lady

But you’re not restricted to just dirty blonde when it comes to your hair. The entire spectrum of blonde and everything from highlights to ombres is open for you to try out.

3. Platinum blonde is a really popular choice among Asian girls

Platinum blonde, a hair color easily worn by American women, is quite a big and daring step for any Asian woman because any sign of white hair is considered as a sign of ageing in the western cultures and looked down upon.

5. Don’t forget to try out exciting blonde hairstyles

When you’re talking about hair color, we advise Asian women to not get too one-dimensional and think about color only. Remember, with blonde hair color, you unlock a new bunch of hairstyles which otherwise might have looked boring on your black hair. Especially hairstyles with layers and textures stand out really well with blonde hair. Below is a great example of blonde pigtails paired with bold red bows which we feel looks simply magnificent.

6. Beautiful updo for blonde hair

You’re not restricted to just bold or layered styles though. All those elegant styles that you as a kid saw growing up white women wear on-screen, they are now accessible to you. Not that you can’t wear updos or half down hairstyles with black hair, you absolutely can, but now with blonde hair you’re resembling your idols that much more.

7. A light shade of blonde paired with a darker skin tone

Not all Asian women have a fair skin tone though. Some have skin tones which range from wheat-ish to dusky to dark. Common media representations only show fair skinned Asian women and exclude the darker complexions. This leaves the latter in a doubt whether they can rock certain styles which their counterparts do. So we’re here to tell you that atleast in the case of blonde hairstyles, darker skin tones can easily wear the same styles and manage to look good like in the example below.

We’ve added different styles for the different permutations and combinations of skin colors, hairstyles and blonde colors below. Your options are truly infinite when it comes to blonde hair styles and color as an Asian woman. We hope you enjoy the styles below.

8. Blone balayage hair for Asians  

9. Blonde ombres make for great hairstyle since they offer the best of both worlds

10. Full light blonde hair

11. Black to blonde ombre 

12. Asian celeb wearing dark blonde hair 

13. Coolest short Asian blonde hair

14. Blonde hair makes for a very cute Asian look

15. Beautiful elegant blonde hair

16. Maginificent dark dirty blonde hair for Asian women

17. Simple girl-next-door Asian blonde hairstyle

18. Ash blonde hair color is a popular choice too

19. A beautiful curly wavy blonde hairstyle for Asian girls

20. Nerdy yet stylish at the same time

21. Long platinum blonde hair worn by Asian girl

22. Dark boho asian hairstyle

23. Messy long blonde asain hair

24. Cool long blonde asian hair

 25. Three cool platinum blonde hair ideas for you

28. Simple and mature hairstyle for Asian women

30. Long ash blonde hair by an Asian model

31. Nice strawberry blonde hair for asian girls

We hope you enjoyed the different blonde hair color ideas for your next trip to the coloring session at salon.

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