Updos for Short Hair: Handpicked Short Hair Updo Styles

The Internet keeps buzzing with hairstyles for longer hair but when it comes to short hair things go quiet because the braids, buns, updos and other styles that work effortlessly for longer hair don’t work so well on shorter hair.

This leaves most short haired women to just compromise and opt for simple bobs or pixie cuts but we are here to change that today.

As a woman with shorter hair, you will often want to get your hair in an updo for special occasions like parties, proms or wedding. Updos go exceptionally well not only with elegant outfits but also with casual average day look.

No doubt getting shorter hair to an updo is a challenge but we’ve compiled a list of many updos for short hair that not only display beautiful updo patterns but few tutorials that also teach you how to style them from scratch.
Below are few styles and patterns you can shape your hair that we’ve nitpicked for you

1. Textured hair swept back into an updo

Adding texture to your updo can make the simple updo stand out so well and make you ready to rock the red carpet or whichever event that you’re heading to

2. Colored updo hair to deviate away from the common black & blonde hair
Adding color is a great option to add some oomph to your updos. Updos generally handle color and texture well
3. Short side braids
Don’t let having short hair deter you from wearing braids. Braids can work just as well for shorter hair like in the styles below.
4. Braided updo from back
Here is a good tutorial to achieve the braided look. You can modify it for side updos as well.
#1 updo for short hair

5. Updos with flower accessories

You can add a ton of accessories to your updo. We’ve shown one where a flower is used as an accessory, but you can use something like jewellery or head bands too.

6. Elegant styles perfect for proms & weddings
Short updos make for a fantastic style for wedding and proms. Updo buns are one of the most popular wedding and prom hairstyles of all times.
7. Short braided updo for jaw length hair
#2 Updo for short hair
8. Short updo for curly wavy hair texture

9. Another short updo hair tutorial

#3 updo for short hair

10. Cute updos with bun knots at the back

11. Casual easy and tight updos for formal events & work
12. Nice curled hair updo tutorial
#4 updo for short hair

13. Short updos with ponytail

14. Casual yet stylish updo style tutorial
#5 updo for short hair

15. Unique braids up-style

16. Asian lady with stylish updo hair
#6 updo for short hair

17. Messy updo hairstyles for short blonde hair

18. Double braided updo hair tutorial
#7 updo for short hair

19. Simple casual updo styles

20. Updos for short super straight hair
21. Simple updos to wear at school, home or grocery stores

We hope you enjoyed this list of updos for short hair and picked out some new styles and patterns for yourself.