Short Hairstyles For Women: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

Over the past decade or so, it is more acceptable socially for women to sport shorter hairstyles. Everyone from celebrities to the average woman on the streets can be seen rocking awesome short hairstyles.

Short hairstyles have always been polarizing. They will either make you look like the belle of the ball or they will make you look like the girl with weird short hair who no ones wants to be seen around with.

Not knowing which end of that spectrum you will fall after getting a short hairstyle can be quite distressing and god forbid a few negative comments on it and your confidence can plummet to rock bottom.


As a woman, you will often get asked that question. Heck, you will find yourself asking it often. So is that a rhetoric question suggesting that getting that short haircut was not such a smart decision after all? Well not really. 

There are ample of good and strong reasons as to why you would want to rock some shorter hair and they are as follows: 

Easy to maintain

Have you ever looked at a guy(short hairstyles for guys) at envy and wondered how hassle free and easy it must be to maintain shorter hair and how lucky they are to get away with shorter hairstyles. We’ll here the thing, things have changed and you too can comfortably sport shorter hairstyles now.
And yes it is true as you assumed all this while, shorter hair is much much easier to maintain than long air. Getting shorter hair will give you an air of freedom that you never experienced before.

Less salon trips

Those salon bills can quickly add up to a big sum with each wedding, baby shower and party you need to go. Add regular conditioning and styling salon visits and things can get gruesome.
With shorter hair a number of those trips would be greatly reduced. You will find it easier to wash, condition, shampoo and style your hair yourself.

Makes you stand out from everyone else

When done correctly, short hair will become an integral part of your persona and identity and will make your stand out from every other long haired girl in a positive way. People will identify you on the basis of your short hairstyle and will be easier for you to get noticed and stand out from a group of people.

Less product and styling

This ones ofcourse a no-brainer. Shorter hair requires less product and styling than longer hair. This saves you lot of money, time as well as putting those products in your hair. Special hair care routines will get cut down. No special prep work required for your hair before you go to bed. No harsh styling method. Less damage and overall a win-win situation.

Makes you a rebel

Which few stereotypical women usually rock shorter hair? Businesswomen, artists, musicians and sportswomen. You know whats common amongst them all? All of them are rebels. They are strong minded woman who rebel against the set standard and rules of the society, push against the flow and emerge successful at the top.

Conveys power and authority

Continuing from the previous point, one might wrongly picture a rebel as an punk-rock outcast but the truth is far from it. A sharp short hair conveys power and authority and demands respect.
Short hair conveys power and authority
Like a boss. Short hair conveys power & authority

Makes you cool

Shorter hair makes you cool, both figuratively as well as literally. Shorter hair will save you from all the excessive sweating behind the neck and the sweat buildup in the scalp. Also nothing is cooler than a girl with a beautiful dress and a cute short hairstyle, in the summer. Cheers!


Sadly, short hair can sometimes be wrongly associated with masculinity. You can get away with short hair only if your other features are hyperfeminine.

Which means you will need to have a thin and lean girly bodytype and a thin neck and overall feminine facial features.

You will also need to have a well defined and sharp jawline but not too masculine like a male bodybuilder. This could mean dropping your body fat to extremely low levels to achieve that female model like face, which is something quite unhealthy by itself.

Short hairstyles work well for heart, diamond and oblong shaped faces rather than round or square ones. This is because diamond or heart shaped faces are longer in length, have well defined cheek bones and taper towards the chin and the chin is usually sharp and well defined as well.

Your other facial features like eyebrows, eyes, nose and lips too need to be extremely feminine. If you are not gifted with extremely feminine body and face features, then you will be better off with longer hairstyles.

Cute Asian girl with short hair
The reason why asian women can carry off short hair so well is because of their extremely feminine facial & body features and straight hair

A few other important considerations are your hairline and hair type.

Short hair can be used very well to hide a receding hairline or an overly big forehead. So make sure you and your stylist come up with something works in favour of your hairline and face type instead of against it.

Straight haired women will find it much easier to rock short hair rather than curly or wavy types. Curly and wavy hair can act totally different at different lengths and can be hard to style.

Also irrespective of your hair type, it is necessary that your hair be healthy looking since you hair will be the focal point of your personality if you decide to go short.


The Bob haircut is a great choice for most women looking to get short haircuts.

The angled bob is the most popular type of bob hairstyles and is a great choice for women with rounder face shapes. The sharp angled cut contrasts the softness & roundness of the face and makes for a great look overall.

Short hairstyle with an asymmetrical cut


Two different ways you can wear the same short hair. Both styles look really good.
Two different ways to wear the same short hair


A great chin length short hairstyle for those with wavy curly hair.
Shoulder length short hair for parted curly hair


Pixies are a common choice of hairstyle for those looking to wear really short hair. Here’s a very short & stylish pixie. Accessorize your look with some interesting ear rings.
Stylish pixie haircut


Short hair is an integral part of the punk culture. If you have a rebellious, anti-authority personality, a short hairstyle will convey it well. Here’s a very stylish punk rock look done well.
Short punk hairstyle


Not everyone can carry off this look. But if you can, here’s a beautiful pixie to go with colored hair.
Very short pixie


Short hairstyles are a great choice for women sporting their natural hairstyles. Natural hair can be very empowering and we’re glad it’s on the rise. Check out our post on natural hairstyles for more such beautiful short hairstyle for thick curly hair.


An inch longer and this one would qualify for a medium-length hairstyle. A great choice for someone who doesn’t want to go as short as a pixie.
Chin length short hairstyle for wavy hair


Hairstyles with bangs can look really cute for shorter haircuts. Side-swept bangs or even regular bangs can look really stylish. If you’re a girl who likes wearing bangs, check out our post on hairstyles with bangs for more inspiration.
Short bangs hairstyle


Our favorite look from the entire post. An extremely beautiful look with an extremely short haircut. Very feminine as well.
Beautiful short hairstyle look


Don’t let the fact that you have short or wavy hair stop you from sporting short hair. Short hairstyles can look good on curly haired women. Check out our post on hairstyles for curly & wavy haired women for more such hairstyles.
Different short hairstyles for wavy & curly hair


  • Do not blatantly copy the hairstyles above without taking your face and hair type into consideration. If necessary carry along a photo of the hairstyle you desire to get and show it to your stylist.
  • Also make sure to learn how to style short hair from your stylist. They will be willing to share useful tips with you. You want to look good everyday not just on the days you go to the salon. So don’t get scared to ask a question or two to your stylist. You’re paying them and most stylists are friendly actually.


There is always the possibility that your new short hairstyle won’t look good.

Well here’s the thing…

…irrespective of how bad you think it looks, it’s probably not that worse. Yes it will be different, but not bad as you think it is.

Since you and those close to you have grown accustomed to a certain image of you, you will get some comments and giggles about it. But that does not necessarily mean that your hair looks bad.

Just remember the golden saying that “You can’t please everyone, all the time”

And even in worst case scenario if it does look really bad, it’s just hair and will grow back in a couple of weeks. It’s not a life or death matter and you will be much happier that you tried out something different.

We hope you enjoyed the list and have a great time with your new short hairstyle!

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