41 Stylish & Handsome Short Hairstyles for Men

Men love short hair. Short hair is simple, low maintenance, doesn’t require any product use or styling and looks masculine.Today we’re  bringing  you  the  freshest  short  hairstyles  on  the  block.

Women envy how men don’t have to deal with the hassles of long hair and they are absolutely right.

However, we personally believe that getting a short buzz cut without considering your face type is a wrong choice. And since most men do not have the perfect male model like face shape and a chiseled jaw, a medium length hairstyle would be a much better option for most men rather than short hair.
Short hair will look good on square or oblong face shapes with a strong jawline. Short hair has always been on trend for men and you need not be afraid of it going out of style anytime soon.
Men paying attention to their style and grooming is rising over the years and short hair has a lot of variety of styles compared to the simple buzz cuts of the past.
Men can be seen sporting trendy haircuts onscreen or off it and you better start experimenting and get creative yourself to break free from your regular boring look and stand out from the crowd of the average men.

Short hair works for most hair types. Irrespective of whether your hair is straight, fine, thick, curly or wavy, it will be way less notorious when it’s shorter in length.

Many curly and wavy haired men will notice that their hair is shockingly straight when it is shorter in length and can be much easier to style. This is completely normal.

Another added benefit of shorter hair is the lack of drying and styling it needs after showering. You can just wash and let it air dry. You don’t need to spend time drying it, using lot of products or spending twenty minutes to make it look right.
Short hair is also recommended if you are trying to cure any scalp problems. Short hair will be easier to clean and will give room for the scalp to breathe. The lesser use of products will also decrease the buildup on the scalp.
Short hair also decreases damage. If you’ve damaged your hair due to consist use of bad products or styling over the years, it could be a good idea to cut it short for some while and let it recover from the damage. You also wouldn’t have to deal with frizz or split ends when it comes to shorter hair.

Men sporting short hair over the years are however guilty of lack of experimentation and getting the length and style right. There is a variety of different hairstyles you could try out even with short hair that makes you look stylish and attractive. Short hair can have plenty of personality as well.
You just need to be less lazy and go through various styles that you think could look good on you and step out of your comfort zone and experiment with them. Below are few great short hairstyles to inspire you and help you out before your next trip to the saloon.

Great gray pompadour with undercut sides

undercut with pompadour

Beautiful pompadour spikes for that hollywood look

spikey short mohawk

Short natural hair worn by black man

natural short hair

A short hair for those with receding hairline

short buzz cut

A very short undercut look

short hair with beard

Undercut pompadour with faded sides

spikey pompadour with undercut
If you have a masculine face and a strong jaw like the gentleman below, you can often go for a bald look
stylish and bald

Short faded sides undercut hair

simple short undercut

Mohawk pompadour with undercut and beard, a very stylish look

A bald look will make masculine faces appear even more masculine
seriously bald

Short combed undercut for a formal and mature look

stylish short hair
Short black natural hairstyle
african american short curly hair

Short blonde hairstyle for white men

short hair with highlights

Cool mohawk strip for black hair

Nice gelled up hair combed into a admirable pompadour

Short hairstyle with bangs falling on the forehead

Short messy hairstyle

Completely smooth bald look with stubble

Nice textured hair with an faded undercut

Very short hair for a mature classy look

Spikes with a nice gelled/waxed texture

Nice side parted hairstyle for work

Short clean side combed hair with faded sides

Short hair goes well with a stubble

Justin Beiber with his signature short hairstyle

Very short almost bald look for a strong masculine face

Short black hairstyle for men

Nice short undercut for blonde haired white guys

Short hair has always been the go to hairstyle for most men and will continue to do so for decades now. If you’ve always worn short hair, you might want to consider experimenting with new styles to give a new look to your personality and see what suits you the best.

We hope you enjoyed the list and that it gave you enough inspiration to try out a few new styles on your next trip to the barbershop.

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