48 Irresistibly Beautiful Purple hair color styles

Purple hair color is not the most natural hair color out there like lets say brown, but it is slowly gaining popularity and is no longer a thing reserved for angry teens or rebellious rockstars.
Purple hair can look really good as a subtle ombre with your natural hair color or braver souls can also try out a complete purple hair color.
There are different shades of purple that people are coloring their hair with. Right from platinum or blonde looking purple to very dark purple resembling black.
Purple hair coloring however ventures far away from the natural shade of your hair and can be quite damaging to its health. It will require both bleaching and well as dyeing your hair to get it to a shade of purple which can be extremely harmful for your hair.
Both methods consist of first penetrating the outer cuticle layer of your hair. The bleach then removes the color from the pigments whereas the dyes add color to the pigment inside the shaft.
If you’ve never colored your hair before, we suggest you start out with blonde or auburn and get a feel for the whole thing before trying out a bolder shade like purple.

Below are fwq inspiring purple hairstyles to add some excitement to your hair world.

Wavy long complte purple hair

simple purple hair

Crazy afro hair

purple afro

Subtle black to purple balayage

subtle purple braids

Big curls purple hair

purple half up half down hairstyle

Girl wearing straight long purple hair with a naughty look

Feirce full purple look
Black lady with an ash purple hair color

black woman with purple hair

Emo hairstyle for a young teen girl

Bright purple emo hairstyle
Interesting multiple interwoven braid pattern
Purple braided hairstyle
Purple ombre hair color
bright purple ombre
Long wavy pastel purple hair
purple beach waves hairstyle
Thick natural hair braid with purple highlight

Purple highlights for natural hair
Interesting half up half down hairstyle
Cute deep purple hairstyle with bangs

Light pastel purple hair color

Short light purple pixie

Jaw length wavy bob hair

Purple updo bun hairstyle

Long dark purple hair color shade

Dark pastel purple hair color shade

Short bob for thin hair

Layered purple bob hair with multiple shades

Purple dyed roots

Purple blue hair color multicolored style

Katy perry with light pastel purple bob hair

Long light dyed hair

Silky smooth purple tresses

Long silky bob with bangs

Big thick updo bun with black, purple and gray hair

Short sharp pixie cuts with purple highlights

Blunt jaw length angled bob hairstyle

Pastel purple balayage with gray ash blonde hair

Subtle purple bob hair with side bangs

Three subtle multicolored purple hairstyles

Stylish updo bun hairstyle

Cute blonde hair with purple dye

Braided bob hair for short haired ladies

Older mature lady with purple hair

A dark bright full shade of purple

We hope you ladies enjoyed the above pictures and got to see a few interesting new shades and styles to try out.