Best Prom Hairstyles To Look The Belle Of The Ball

I think you will agree with me on this one: Proms are one of the most memorable times in a girl’s life but at the same time they can be very stressful when it comes to choosing the right partner, the right dress and the right hairstyle.

black woman with braided updo for prom

Not only do you have to manage to get a date for the prom which can be super difficult sometimes by itself, but after you get one, you need to find the right outfit, shoes and hairstyle for it.

Half up half down braided blonde hair
With most girls trying to look their prettiest, you too will have to step up your game if you wish to be the belle of the ball. But with so many different options from braids, updos, half ups right to elegant long hairstyles, you can get totally lost as to what you should go for.

Side swept long curled up waves
Don’t get afraid, we’ve got you covered on this one. We’ve handpicked fourteen fabulous looking hairstyles which will not only look grand but will also compliment most outfits.
Long curly prom hairstyle

These also won’t require too much styling but we suggest trying your pick out a couple of days before to learn how to style it and how well it holds.

half up half down braided hairstyle

We repeat: Try out your dress, hairstyle and shoes well in advance and not an hour before your prom.

Long braided hairstyle
You might also require help of a friend to get the hairstyle right and some products and accessories to keep the hairstyle in place for a long while.
Black woman curly wavy hair

Below are the few fabulous prom hairstyles we handpicked for you which will make your prom nothing less than memorable.

Long layered black hairstyle

Long waves for that princess look

Long wavy hairstyle perfect for prom

Girls with curly hair don’t feel afraid to experiment

Short messy curly hairdo

Messy looks can be just as good as well

Short messy shoulder length updo

Beautiful black hairstyles tied back in a bun

Natural hair updo for prom
Braided updo bun

Gorgeous hair and earpieces

Beautiful shoulder length hairstyle

Thick blonde prom hair

side swept hairstyle for prom

Waterfall braids are often the perfect choice for proms

waterfall braids variation

Prom bun updo

Half up half down hair go well for proms

Messy updo hair for prom

Don’t hesitate to take inspiration from wedding hairstyles

Thick braided updo bun

Waterfall hair with accessory instead of braids

Big long updo bun style. Simple gorgeous

Curly prom hairstyle

Velvetty smooth rose half up half down hair. This one will ofcourse need the help of a stylist

Half up half down hair looks fabulous from the back just as it does from the front

You can wear your hair short or long, as your heart desires.

You can always go retro and try out some vintage updos or victory curls

Beautiful dress and an even beautiful hairstyle

Half up half down waterfall braid hairstyle idea

Curls would just make your blonde hair look like that of a princess

A messy half up half down emo look

Take out the curler for your prom day

Red to blonde ombre tied back in a bun

Dirty blonde prom hairstyle

There are infinite variations and hairstyles you can pick from

Long blonde prom hairstyle

Here are few more bonus pictures for you to help you settle with a choice.

We hope the list helped you and eased a little stress off you for your prom look. Hope you have a great prom.