58 Natural Hairstyles to Inspire You To Go Natural


Natural hairstyles consist of men, women and children sporting their hair proudly in its natural state, in its very element, rather than using chemical or mechanical manipulations which change it from its natural state.


The Natural hair movement is on the rise as more and more women are transitioning from chemically treated hair to preferring their hair in their natural state. Natural hairstyles are not just limited to African American women but slowly men, women of other ethnicities and teens are picking up the trend too.

African American women with curly and kinky curly hair started out this trend because they choose to proudly to flaunt their natural hairtype rather than straightening and damaging it through regular salon visits.

They realized that there were a lot of hairstyles through which they can keep their hair in natural form and still look good. This eliminated the need of constant heat styling and prevented their hair from damage.


Shown below are few fantastic natural hairstyles, which will greatly inspire you and can be used for your own hair.

Natural hair can be left open, tied back, held back with bandana or anything inbetween. Here’s a beautiful lady letting her thick black hair free into an afro

Big wild afro

Teal blue colored ends for black hair. Gives a nice subtle ombre effect.

thick curly afro

Tied back into a big thick pony. No other hair type can get such big ponies

big pony

Parted and side swept.

parted curls

Afro weighing down and giving a nice bangs-meets-long-hair effect. Beautiful

kinky afro curls

You can always braid your natural hair into interesting styles or to save yourself from heavy styling every single morning

twist hairstyle

Red colored natural hair

side pull up

Kinky coily afro hair

natural kinky curly hair

African american girls should not shy away from wearing their natural hair to schools or work

natural fro with highlights

Thick coily afro hair

black and white thick afro

Short jaw length natural hairstyle for coily hair

two strand twist braids

Short natural hair resembling an undercut-pompadour

short natural hair

Beautiful large chin length afro with ample length and volume on the top

beautiful naturally curly hair

A common but stylish braid pattern for natural black hair

Red carpet ready side parted hair

Thick mystic black hairstyle


Short natural hair

Short tight braid hairstyle for natural black hair

Braided bun style

Coily curly afro hair

Don’t shy away from wearing your natural hair to your wedding

Short jaw length natural black hair with cute earpiece

Short mohawk for natural hair with a more wavy curly texture


Short natural hair with blonde highlights

Double pigtail bun knots

Headband bun style


Tied up bun hair with red hair color

Big thick brown afro for a stylish look

Very short brown natural hair

Long curly natural hair with dark blonde and brown highlights

Kids should take advantage of their youth and try out some daring new hairstyles



Big thick black hair held back with a hairband

Cute boho natural black hairstyle

Short coily mohawk black hair

Braids brought front to create a nice fringe look

Short natural curly hair

A perfect style for casual work and outings. Simple yet stylish at the same time

Blonde dyed tips for natural middle parted hair

Jaw length natural hair for little girl

Curly wavy hair tied up in a top hair style

Thin coily reddish brown natural hair


Vintage up hairdo mohawk looking classy



Thick brown natural hairstyle for round face


Natural hair for long face type

Short blonde dyed natural hair

Few short coils hairstyles







Beautiful updo for natural black hair. Perfect for proms and weddings


Wearing natural hair is a bold choice and require some unwavering persistence. We hope you enjoyed the list and that we could provide you sufficient inspiration and ideas for you to try out some natural hairstyles inhibited and confidently.

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