Medium hairstyles: Best Styles to Make Medium Hair Fun Again

Medium length hair is sassy and elegant. It’s the perfect middle ground between oh-its-too-long-too-manage and oh-its-too-short

You can wear it for weddings, proms, dinners, formal occasions or casual meetups. It also works with most face shapes and hair types and offers a plethora of different styles for you to choose from.

Some women might feel uncomfortable with short hair but at the same time might find it difficult to grow, maintain and style longer hair. In such cases, mid-length hair fits right between the two extremes and offers the best of both worlds.
Maintenance, hair damage, too much product use and salon treatments or styling problems could also make you want to go for medium length hair. Medium length hair also works well irrespective of whether your hair is straight or kinky, curly or wavy, fine of thick.
This length allows you to keep a feminine look without having to deal with the hassles of long hair. Long hair can also get very sweaty during the summer. Don’t even mentioned the problems with washing and conditioning longer hair.
Anything shoulder length or slight longer than it could be placed under medium length hair. Offering a huge variety of styles and endless possibilities makes medium length hair very fun.


Medium length hair can be used effectively to emphasize or de-emphasize certain aspects of your face. For example, lets say you have a round face. For a round face, you would want to style your hair such that it thins the roundness of the face and places more emphasis on eyes, lips and cheekbones. In such cases, a short bob would be a great choice.
Similarly it can also be used for different face shapes to narrow or broaden your face shape, hide or emphasize your forehead, add or take away the attention from your face and so on. You can also wear it at any texture you want as long as you style it properly.
One of the kryptonites of medium length hair is: The style can get repetitive and boring.

If your medium length hair looks similar to every other hairstyle in the room, then you won’t stand out and will look like you tried to play safe. Girls with mid-length hair stick to the same simple and boring styles for years on end and it’s about time you stepped out of your comfort zone.

You can add bangs, try out updos, use accessories, dye it with colors, add waves, braids, buns, ponies, curls and so many different styles with medium length hair. It is one of the most versatile lengths and you better tap into your creative instincts and start experimenting more.
Another problem with medium hair is that if you get the length too short, it can look like your trying to grow your hair long but are stuck at the awkward phase where it doesn’t look too good. Make the length too long and well it’s just a longer hairstyle now.
Below are few creative and fun hairstyles that you can use as inspiration but which as the same time will flatter you and make you look beautiful.

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