51 Must-See Medium length hairstyles for men

Men try to play safe when it comes to hairstyles. Wearing the same hairstyles you always did or the same short hair for years will probably make you look boring.
But we completely get it. Men just given their nature, prefer stick to the safe option which they know works for them one hundred percent of the time. Medium length hairstyles are one such safe ground for men which they sport knowing its not too short to make them look weird but at the same time not too long to the point that their hair looks messy.
And one can totally understand and relate to that feeling and we are not here to change that today. We’d totally like for you to continue wearing medium length hairstyles. We’re just here to showcase you some interesting new medium length hairstyles to help you spice it up a bit.
If you’re someone who has never had a medium length hairstyle, we’ve got you too. Instead of keeping your super short or just wildly growing it long, there is a middle path you take which is rocking a medium length hairstyle. Based on your face shape or hair type, short hair sometimes can be too short and long hair can look poor. In such cases the medium length hairstyle fits about right in between the two.
Of course short hairstyles cut down styling time but medium length hair won’t increase it too much and will instead add more style to your look.
Medium length hair is also extremely versatile and offers much more styling options and adds volume to your hair. If your hair is too short, it can make the scalp visible which may make it look like you’re balding or dealing with hair fall.
Medium hair provides sufficient volume to avoid this and at the same time is left hassling than very long hair. It has a decent length but it won’t require as much products or salon visits as long hair would
Anything from a few inches, to chin length or just above the shoulders could be considered medium length hair and you can easily spot ample number of celebrities sporting medium length hair.
Below are few cool medium length hairstyles we’ve cherry picked for you to get inspired from and try out

Messy wavy medium hair

Messy medium hairstyle

Side parted bangs with an undercut

Long undercut hairstyle

Medium hairstyles make for a modelesque look, presenting the best of masculinity and style

Beautiful medium wavy hair

Straight hair with side combed bangs

Flat side parted hair
Medium length afro hairstyle
Medium length afro

Jaw length hairstyle with blonde highlights

medium messy hair

A shorter medium afro hair worn by African American man

medium kinky curly hair
Classy medium length hairstyle  

Medium combed back red head hairstyle

 Neymar with a medium length mohawk undercut hair

 Messy wavy fringe hairstyle for blonde haired man

 Tight  undercut up pompadour hair

Edgy medium pompadour for dark gray hair

Messy curly undercut hairstyle

Stylish medium pompadour undercut hairstyle 

 Nice stylish medium length brown hairstyle with some stubble

Indian guy with medium hairstyle

 Side shaded medium side parted hairstyle

Messy long brown hair

Often a go to length for hollywood celebs

Nice layered medium length wavy hair

Stylish european look with a medium brown hairstyle 
Messy curly medium length hairstyle 

 Awesome faded undercut with a heavy pompadour on top

Silky long jaw length straight hairstyle

 Tight faded undercut hair with a medium pompadour

 Messy long medium length hairstyle with green highlights

Nice medium mohawk pompadour with short sides

Light brown hair with a cool undercut pattern

Jaw length pastel purple hair color

 Messy medium length hairstyle

Cool medium pompadour with short sides

Cool brown medium length hairstyle for men 

We hope you enjoyed this list of men’s medium hairstyles and scooped some inspiration and ideas for yourself through it.

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