Long hairstyles for men: A complete guide

Long hair has been traditionally associated with surfers, skateboarders, rockstars, rebels, warriors, stoners, musicians and artists.

There is a weird appeal to long hair look that draws certain men to it. It appeals to the non-conformist and anti-authority part of the men who wish to not play by the set rules and standards of the society as to how a man should look like.

Every man goes through phases of growing their hair wildly long and then cutting them back to a shorter length.

Right now, you could be at the point where you’ve decided to grow your medium length hair longer or you could be debating whether you should trim your already long tresses back to a shorter length.

We’ve not here to tell you whether you should or should not grow your hair longer and so must no one else tell you how to keep your hair because that’s your own personal choice.
When done right, long hair can make you stand out from most other guys easily, make you look much more attractive and work like magic over all.

But the fact is we’ve all seen guys sporting long hairstyles which are so bad that they make you cringe and question your faith in longer hair for men.

jason mamoa long hair
Jason Mamoa praying you to take a few pointers from his perfect long hair before growing your own hair out long


A major problem for guys growing your hair longer is that they are totally oblivious to hair care.

Men are not used to frequenting the salon or giving much thought as to what products they use for their hair. It is not uncommon for guys to damage their hair to such great extents during their ‘long hair phase’ that within months they can experience frizz, roughness, split ends and even hair loss.

Another problem with growing long hair is the ‘awkward hair’ phase where your hair is neither medium length nor completely long and does not look too good. This is where most men give up and return back to a shorter haircut. If you wish to grow your hair longer, you might have to patiently go through the awkward hair phase, which can be tough for some.
And the final problem with long hair is that, men who grow their hair long assume they look like a certain male model or like a certain long haired celebrity. But the truth is usually far from it. We are good at judging others but have a hard time judging our own looks in the mirror.
Even if you ask real life friends and acquaintances how your long hairstyle looks, you will get very polarizing mixed opinions.

Some will order you cut your hair as soon as possible considering how horrible it looks, whereas some people will beg you to never cut your hair ever again. And some will give you a politically safe answer to avoid that conversation.

Which will only serve to further confuse you and distance you from the truth.

The adage “You can’t please everyone, all the time” holds true to longer hairstyles as much as it does to any other hairstyle.

But longer hairstyles are truly one of the toughest looks to wear correctly in real life. Sure they look fabulous on digital images of celebrities, but they are hard to carry off in reality.


roman reigns long hair
Roman Reigns, the WWE superstar, rocks the long hair look. Do you have the right face shape, muscular physique, a strong jaw and a good hairline like Roman Reigns to rock some long hair?
Just like every hairstyle is not right for every face shape, long hairstyle is not right for every person too. There are some repetitive patterns one can notice between long haired guys who look good and those that don’t.
1. Face shape: Your face shape plays a crucial role in your hairstyle selection. Longer hair is considered feminine in today’s society. Which means, unless you have hyper-masculine facial features like a sharp jawline, square-ish face shape, strong cheekbones and an overall masculine looking face, you will have a hard time making long hair look good on you.
2. Hairline: Second important factor for growing your hair longer is a strong hairline that has not receded. Many guys who grow their hair long, suffer from a receding hairline and look like a old failed musician.
3. Body: If you grow your hair longer, it will make you look feminine if you do not have a lean and muscular body to go along with it. Just like hyper-masculine facial features balance out the feminine look the long hair adds, a lean muscular body does the same. It is also necessary to be lean to get that strong jawline.
4. Healthy hair: And ofcourse, how can we forget beautiful, long and healthy hair. Tangle and frizz free long hair with shine and smoothness is also necessary to make sure your long tresses look good on you.
Ofcourse these are not rules set in stone but just a pattern we noticed by comparing long haired men who look attractive versus those who dont. There is nothing wrong if you disagree with those considerations or break them.

Below are few more awesome long hairstyles to inspire you to grow your tresses long.

Glorious long brown tresses

long brown hair

Curly wavy shoulder length hair

long wavy hair

Long african hair braided back into a thick big bun

dreadlock updo

Chris Hemsworth with long blonde tied back hair

long tied back hair

Big updo bun for that viking look

man bun

Big afro hairstyle

wild afro

Really long waist length hair

native indian with long hair

Long hair ending just below the jaw line

shoulder length long hair

Indian guy with long hair tied back in a small bun

beard and small bun

Long ombre hair

long beach blond hair

Nice wavy messy hairdo

long messy hair with stubble

Big up afro for african american men

big afro

Native Indian man with long silky smooth hair

native man with long hair

Nice long to medium length hair for a formal look

Indian guy with silky long hair falling just below the shoulder

Long straight hair for teenage white guys

Long sharp hairstyle with sharp layered look

David Backham with a double pony for his long hair

Beautiful blonde black ombre for shoulder length hair

Cool middle part hairstyle for men

You can also side part your silky straight hair

Long parted hair for a formal look for work
Long combed hair for a nerdy yet cool look

Long hair with bangs falling over the face

Long side parted bangs hairstyle for men

Wavy messy jaw length blonde hairstyle

Glorious long hairstyle for men with straight hair

Long up hair falling as bangs on face

Nice long hairstyle for men

Straight middle parted long hairstyle

Christian Bale sporting a long hairstyle on the red carpets

Long layered hair for a emo look

Nerdy long hair look couple with some glasses

Every man should try out long hairstyles once and we hope we showcased some new and interesting styles that you havent seen before, through out list.

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