53 Fresh & Inspiring Hair color ideas

hair color ideas
Maybe you are bored of sporting your natural hair color you were born with for years now and looking to try out something new.

Or maybe you already are coloring your hair but are checking out some interesting new shades. Regardless of which camp you belong, we’ve got you covered for this one.

Hair color is much more acceptable today in the society than it was maybe a decade ago. Hence you can see not just celebrities but also an average girl on the streets sporting beautiful hair colors.

ombre hair color

You only live once and we suggest you try out some interesting hair colors while you’re at it. Better to have some fun than to keep gawking at colored hair women and wondering how colored hair would look on you.

purple hair color

Below are some hair color ideas we handpicked for you as inspiration.

brown hair color

Gray hair color is getting more and more accepted in the mainstream lately.

gray hair color

Black is the most common hair color out in the world but if you were naturally born as a blonde or redhead, you could definitely give black hair color a try once

Black hair color

Classic dirty blonde hair

Blonde hair color

A foxy glorious shade of red hair

red hair color

Beautiful strawberry blonde hair

Strawberry blonde hair color

A more auburn, light brown look.

Auburn hair color

Another beautiful dirty blonde hair color shade

Dirty blonde hair color
Dark to light ombre ending in blue tips

Another dark to light ombre but ending in lighter tips

Blonde highlights go well with brown as well as black hair

Blue blunt cut

Dare to go green? She does

Subtle blonde balayage

Beautiful pastel pink wedding updo hair

Cute colored pigtails

Red ombre at tips

Some multicolored styles

red meets orange to give a cute redhead look

Subtle pastel purple dyed ends

Strawberry blonde with a hint of yellow, orange and pink to give a multicored emo look

Beautiful green mermaid curls look

Pastel violet hair dye

Dark to light purple ombre

Orange can look really good on some skin tones

Gray hair color with platinum highlights

Hot short hair with purple roots

Light pink hair color

Subtle strawberry blonde hair color

A strong dark teal colored beach curl hairstyle

Multicolored mermaid hair color

A couple cute light pastel colored boho hair

Silver/platinum hair color ending in pigtail braids

Purple to platinum gray ombre

Dark purple hair color looking fabulous and bold

Beautiful red highlighted curls

A strong black to blonde ombre hair

Black girls shouldnt shy away from coloring their hair

Cute teal ombre for medium hair

Vintage blonde curly updo afro look for white girl

Black girl with colored hair

Multicolored dirty blonde hair color

Hope we inspired to try some new styles and hair color and gave you enough ideas to try on your next trip to the salon!

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