Three Ways To Deal With Gray Hair

deal with gray hair
Regardless of how much you try to fight it or prevent it, you need to accept the fact that your hair is going to turn gray at certain point of time in your life.

For some it is going to be much later in life, while for most of ya’ll reading this, it is going to be sooner than expected.

Considering your stressful and modern lifestyle, your hair is likely to turn gray at an younger age than when your parents haired turned gray.

Acknowledging the fact that your hair will turn gray at some point of time and the fact that it is perfectly normal for your hair to turn gray will put you at much more ease than fighting against it.

Some people are indifferent towards gray hair…

…they feel that it is a sign of aging that is perfectly normal and bound to happen.

While on the other end we have people who dread gray hair and consider it as the first sign of aging and something that will make them look terribly old. And of course we have most people who fall somewhere between those two end points.


Ofcourse the advice shared above of not letting your graying hair affect your peace of mind is mandatory. Without it, irrespective of what solution you try, you will stay unhappy. Once you’ve accepted that gray hair is a normal process of life, there are few ways you can deal with it.

1. Hide the gray

The first method is something that has been used for hundred of years now, that is to hide the gray hair by coloring it back to your natural hair color or more fun colors.

You can get this done at a salon or do it by yourself at home. Although the color applied by an expert at salon looks much more natural. Poorly colored hair looks unnatural and worse than regular hair and can easily be spotted.

This method requires regular upkeep because the color usually fades away after a couple of weeks. Some people however do not prefer coloring their hair because they feel like they are just ignoring and trying to cheat their aging.

While some find regular coloring sessions a waste of time and energy and something that requires too much discipline on their end.

People have been coloring their hair since forever to hide the gray hair

2. Style the Gray

The second method is to rock your gray hair proudly. You can either go for gray ombres, try out interesting hair cuts, or style your hair differently. The recent granny hair trend could interest you as well. 

3. Un-gray it.

Toughest of all. No guarantee that it’d work. You can try different oils and treatments promising to turn your gray hair back to your natural color. Works for some, doesn’t work for some. You will need a lot of research for this one. Too broad and deep to be covered on here.


Graying hair is not an excuse to neglect your hair care.

Irrespective of what your hair color is, unhealthy and damaged hair that end in split ends and full of frizz looks the ugliest.

If you’re conscious of your graying hair, it only makes sense to keep them at their healthiest.

Check out the hair care guide we’ve written for you

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