64 Interesting Emo Hairstyles for Girls

Emo hairstyles are a common hairstyles that many teens try out. Emo hairstyles are based on the looks of punk rock and alternative rock musicians.
Emo hairstyles needs to be done right else they look like the same generic style and cut. The emo look is not restricted just to musicians or artists but can be tried by everyone as long as it suits them.
Emo hairstyles can work for both long and well as shorter hair. However they shouldn’t be your go to choice for formal occasions. The emo hairstyles suits younger women and teenagers best. If you’re a older women, you should rather try something from this list.

Emo hairstyles when done right will not only make you look more beautiful but also make you stand out from others in a good way and can be an expression of your values and personality.
These hairstyles usually consist of big wild bangs which can be swept to the sides or just right on the forehead, long enough to conver the eyelids and the cheek bones partially.
The emo hairstyle offers a lot of freedom and variety. They can be symmetrical or asymmetric. Long or short. Tidy or messy. Colored or natural. And everything in between.
Emo hairstyles can carry out layers and colors well. You will actually notice heavy layers and coloring being more common for this hair type rather than simple cuts. One can also get brave and try out shorter cuts, bold colors and daring hairstyles like pixies and Mohawks.
Be careful though, make sure you take your hair type and face shape into consideration before choosing for a certain cut. If necessary, take a picture of your desired cut along to show to your stylist rather than guiding him or her through words.
All in all, a good emo cut will make you beautiful, an anti-authoritative rebel, a creative genius and different from everyone else. Below are few different styles for you to get inspired and choose from.
Red, blond, black emo hair
Full purple emo hairstyle
emo braided hairstyle
simple emo haircut
red and black emo bangs hairstyle
partial shave emo hair
Colored emo hairstyle & glasses
Cute bleached emo hair
emo updo hairstyle
Gray emo hair with bangs
Long layered hairstyle for the emo look

Emo hairstyles are a bold and brave choice and we hope we could take off some stress of you for coming up with your next hairstyle. Hope you enjoyed the list too

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