Curly Hairstyles: 76 Hairstyles for Curly Haired Women

Curly hairstyles for women
Curly haired women have a love-hate relationship with their hair. 

And we agree that curly hair can be a blessing or a curse depending on how well you can make it work for you.

A lot of women hate their curly hair and get it straightened regularly.

Although this practice is extremely damaging to your hair, it can also affect your self-confidence and tell you that your curly wavy hair in its natural state isn’t good for you.

The truth is however very far from that. While you are getting your hair straightened, there are people who would kill to have curly or wavy hair and get their hair professionally curled regularly.


You will see more and more women, men and kids rock natural hairstyles because people are slowly realizing that the problem is not the fact that their hair is curly, but the problem lies in their own styling and conditioning methods, their self-image and confidence and the media around them who tells them that curly or wavy hair is not good enough.

Ofcourse, curly and wavy hair type is tricky to style and maintain, but with great challenges, come great rewards.

Good looking curls and waves will instantly stand out in a crowd and make girls go green with envy. It will also add a lot of dimension to your look. Curly and wavy hair can also come off as very elegant and royal depending on how you style them.

Your hair type is very versatile. There are so many hairstyles that you can try out like braids, afros, updos, coloring, buns etc which you can wear short, medium or long.

You can also play with your hair texture if you know your hair well or try accessories or bolder hairstyles and color. Below are few fantastic hairstyles we handpicked for you to inspire and rekindle your love for your hairtype.

Fair skinned girl with bouncy brown curls

short messy curly hairdo

African American girl with big coily afro

Natural kinky curly hairstyle

Long blonde curly hairstyle

long blonde curly hairstyle

Lorde with her signature curly hairstyle

Lorde curly hairstyle

Cute redhead with orange-ish red long hair

Orange beach waves hair

Shakira with her signature blond curly hairstyle

Shakira curly hair

Black girl with coily curly hair flowing free in the wind

Chin-length naturally curly hair

Anoter black girl with more coily hair falling towards type 4 hair type

Short kinky curly afro

Short messy jaw length curly hairdo

Short messy curly hairdo

Short jaw length curly hairdo for black hair

Short chin length curls

Wavy hairstyle for blonde hair ending just up the shoulders

Short chin-length wavy hair

Thick wavy hairstyle for short hair

Short wavy hairstyle

Long curly hairstyle for blonde hair

Curly blonde hairstyle

Black girl with a more wavier curly hairtype

long wavy curly black hairstyle

Red to blonde ombre updo

Wavy hair updo

Long wavy hairstyle for black hair

Simple long wavy black hairstyle

Long dark brown to light brown waterfall hair

Waterfall braided wavy hair
Middle parted curly hairstyle

 Long curly hairstyle which is straight on the top

Long blonde curly hairstyle perfect for weddings, proms and homecoming

Short messy curly hairdo

A shorter shoulder length waterfall braid hairstyle

Long hairstyle with side bangs ending into curls

Short dark curly hairstyle

Another short messy curly hairdo

 Nice updo hairstyle with lots of accessories

 Beautiful curly half up half down hairstyle

Another half up half down hairstyle with bangs

 Long layered curly hairstyle

Beautiful big brown curls

Taylor Swift with her signature curly hairstyle

Nice curls hairstyle with bangs

Ombre blonde curly hairstyle

Curly hairstyles are well accepted in hollywood these days

Halle Berry with some nice curly hair

 Short brown curly hair

 Nice curly hair tied back. Makes for a great wedding hairstyle look

Think that’s it? We’ve got 20 more curly hairstyles & hairdos for you to look at



We hope you enjoyed this list we put together and that it made you more confident trying some bold new curly hairstyles.

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