48 Interesting brown hair color shades & hairstyles

brown hair color
Brown is a natural hair color ranging from shades of light brown, to darker shades which almost resemble black. To some inbetween shades like chestnut brown, medium brown, chocolate brown and bronde (brown + blonde)

Brown color is a very versatile hair color and suits most face shapes, hair types and skin colors.

The brown is also a very subtle and elegant color which doesn’t stand out from a crowd like blonde or red does but can look really flattering at the same time.

Brown hair does a better job than black hair at highlighting the curls, bends and waves in your hair and works with majority of the hairstyles out there.
Brown hair color is usually achieved with using dyes since it’s a darker color unless your hair is black. Dyes open up the outer cuticle layer of your hair and add color to the pigments in it. 
Brown color is also widely used to dye graying hair and although you can color your hair with brown color yourself, we suggest going to an expert if it’s your first time because poorly applied shade or cheap colors look unnatural and off.
Athough there must be a few dozen brown hair color shades on a color wheel, few of the most common shades of brown are: Light brown, dark brown, chocolate brown, chestnust brown, medium brown, ash brown, bronde and brown highlights.

One can confidently wear brown hair to weddings, proms or similar special occasions.

At the same time, brown works very well for any hairstyle whether it be layers, bobs, braids; Any hair type whether it be curly, wavy or straight and any hair length, whether it be long, short or shoulder length hair.

You need not fret one bit before getting a brown hair color hairstyle. We are confident it will look well as it suits a plethora of different styles and women.

Below are few interesting brown colored hairstyles for you to check out before your next trip to the salon.

dark chocolate brown hair
vibrant chocolate brown hair
black woman brown hair
brown beach waves
light brown hair color
beautiful chocolate brown hair
shades of brown hair

african woman chocolate brown hair
half up half down brown hair
beautiful brown hair with makeup
beautiful brown hairstyle



We hope you enjoyed the list of brown hair color ideas and styles and picked up some new inspiration to try a few styles yourself.

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