Classic & Flattering Blonde Hair Color Shades

An extremely small percentage of women have naturally blonde hair. However, you can commonly spot women with lighter skin tones rock different shades of blonde hair. Dirty blonde and strawberry blonde are two we’ve covered already on this website. The reason why so many women prefer the blonde look is because it looks really well on fairer skin tones and is very versatile as well. One can go completely blonde or go for ombres with a shade of blonde.
#1 Blonde hair color shade
Blonde looks very beautiful and very classy and elegant at the same time. With the right make up and hairstyle, blonde hair can look really attractive and flattering. Ofcourse the shade you choose should go well with your skin tone and compliment it, as well.
#2 Blonde hair color shade
Everyone from celebrites to the girl next door is wearing interesting blonde colored hairstyles and it’s about time you up your game as well. Here are eight interesting blonde color hairstyle to take you from the clichéd dumb blonde to the most attractive blonde in the room.
#3 Blonde hair color shade

Blonde hair is excellent at accentuating layers and tresses. So if you opt for layered haircuts, braids, updos and such styles, you are guaranteed to look so much more fantastic because blonde hair adds that much personality to every single strand of hair.

#4 Blonde hair color shade

But at the same time blonde hair also works equally well for regular straight let down hair if you want to go for that simple girl next door look.

#5 Blonde hair color shade
#6 Blonde hair color shade


Blonde hair is obtained by bleaching your hair.Bleaching is the process which opens up the outer cuticle layer of your hair and decolorizes the pigment in your hair to a lighter shade.
#7 Blonde hair color shade
Bleaching is much more damaging then dyeing is and you need to have a bulletproof hair care routine to protect your hair as much as possible.

#8 Blonde hair color shade

If you’re going to do a heavy bleach, make sure you regularly moisturize your hair because otherwise it won’t be too long before your hair end in the kind of split ends that is common for people who do a big transition to a different shade because you don’t just want blonde hair but your want healthy blonde hair which look and feel amazing both on the inside as well as the outside.

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