You all hardcore fans of ‘The King’ want to pay him a tribute? Well, grease your hair and go back in the 50s.Wear the ‘Attitude’ with a capital ‘A’ along with the hair styles. 

Coiffer in French means to make or to arrange hair under a cap or such a thing. The modern word Coiffure means hairdo. From the variety of French haircuts and hair styles of buns and braids, the French bob cut is the most loved of all.It can be styled on all face shapes.

Want your hair to look like a piece of art, even with your natural hair? Don’t worry it is not that difficult. Though there can be some trouble with your natural hair you can try to find long term solutions. If you encounter dry and brittle hair, have a short haircut and leave it to grow naturally.

The Mohican or Mahicans are a native American tribe.They used to wear their hair by cutting it down to the skin but kept a strip of hair on their crowns.The name of the hair style mohawk derives from this native style. The tough Mohicans used to pluck their hair, for reasons better known to them. No need of showing the toughness medieval style. We have modern ways now. But we can’t deny that it is having quite a lengthy reign in the world of fashion.

The cute accessories of women with which we all are decked up with, right from the time we are sweet toddlers is no doubt, the bow. We wear the bow everywhere. We have bow ribbons and bow on our hairbands. Bow dresses and dolls. But have you heard of a bow hair style?

All the ancient civilizations worship the women power in the form of mother goddess.These mythological women have inspired new hair styles in the modern times.

Got a girl friend who loves your craziness but also neatness and style, don’t abandon her, run to the market to get some styling gel and haircut and hear her squeal in delight.

Are you a free spirit? A hippy at heart? A freak, artistic and unconventional black woman? Then the Boho hairstyles are for you. They can be ethnic yet ultra - modern. There are Boho hairstyles for women of all ages and face cut as well for all hair type.