Beside all kinds of buns, braids are the other most popular hairstyle. You can achieve so many looks, casual as well as formal by braiding your hair in all types of braids.
This particular hairstyle really comes in handy when you need to get your hair out of your face, or if you want to hold your hair up in a hot day but don’t want to deal with the whole messy bun situation.

If you’re a hairstyle geek, you probably have seen lots of videos and pictures of tutorials for all sorts of braids. Since it takes a lot of practice, a lot of people just stick to the basic 3 stranded braid.

Whether you have an important business dinner, prom, or an award show (if so, I’m really jealous BTW) an updo is always the best way to go.

When it comes to formal men hairstyles they can be smooth and sleek or wavy and curly but they have to be neat, no matter the length.