Red highlights is a very good option who wants to try the bold and strong look. Bright shades of red suits the best on women with medium skin tones with the bold highlights. If you want to look simple yet attractive subtle red highlights is what you should try. This gives very natural looking in itself.

Two tone hairstyles are sexy, subtle, romantic, dramatic, sophisticated. This hairstyle is for all age groups and is revolutionising idea for 2017.This is very interesting and creative look. There's nothing wrong to be little more experimental and unconventional.This hairstyle suits short. medium and long hair. The dark red-brown and shades of grey with the funky long Mohawk reflects the amazing grey hair trend in 2017.

Undercut and beard are the matches made in heaven because they make a seriously bold statement and sexy look. It takes the right kind of confidence and attitude to grooming to pull off the look and when done right, the style speaks for itself. This kind of style ranges from long in length to more in medium and classy.

Viking hairstyle signifies a powerful personality and showcases the fearless warrior in you.This hairstyle can be best described as a combination of long and short hair, shaved and thick or long hair, or all of the above.

Purple-The colour of royalty is so much fun.It was once the colour for wealthiest and most respected and admired and in today's world it is the colour full of fun and experimental.