Hair twist are of many kinds. Flat twist or mini-twist is one of them. It is quite popular among the women having Afro-textured hair.It is also followed by few who are having other textured hair.

Hair color and highlights have become such a craze that it is not only gaining popularity but the hair stylists and the fashion conscious individuals are always experimenting with different new shades and color combinations.
All the men out there, ever wondered if you can be as fashionable with your hair as women. YES! you can! Check the Caesar haircut!  This hair style of the 90’s is back with a bang.

Hair weave is a process which gives volume or increases the length of your hair. It involves adding a hair piece to the real hair. Clips-ins, bonding, netting and tracking are some popular weave methods.Ancient Egyptians use to weave their hair.

Disney movies don’t just enchant us with their magical plot, but also reveal to us the epitome of beauty and grace. One such epitome of grace and beauty is the dark color haired, Anne Hathaway.